Temecula’s Wine country is a beautiful scenic environment with rolling hills and plush wine vineyards as far as the eye can see. At Sip&Sing, we give you great music, great wine, delicious food . We handpick destinations to give you the best wine-tasting experience Temecula Valley has to offer, and you can sip and sing the whole way through.

Journey through Temeculas rolling hills

Travel through Temecula Wine County on our executive-style tour busses. We offer a wide variety of tours. From bonding experiences with those you already hold dear, to a space to meet new people and build new connections. We help you create memories that last for a lifetime.

We believe that wine tasting is an activity best experienced in good company, and companions are a key component to any adventure.

We offer champagne jazz series, line dancing, karaoke, educational wine experience. From diverse cultural cuisine to breathtaking mountain ranges, succulent wine, and talented bands of musicians. Temecula offers a unique take on California culture. We help you experience all of the sights, tastes and sounds Temecula Valley has to offer.

Sample Temecula valleys world class wines in a whole new way

From plush reds to delicious whites, whether you’re into wines that are deeply rich and high spirited or tasty fruit-forward wines that satisfy the plate, you will experience the best the region has to offer. Travel through Temecula Wine Country with an intimate group of wine enthusiasts and lovers of fun from around town, around the country, and around the world. Meet a diverse set of people who are all looking for the same thing, good times, and good wine.

Temecula has a wide variety of wineries. They all have their own soul, their own feel, and their own style of winemaking. Experience these wineries with your group of travelers on a journey that gets better and better by the glass.

Explore Temecula Valley in a Whole New Way

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